Monday, August 8, 2011

Rachel's designs for Shabby Apple

Design for Shabby Apple
Shabby Apple Dresses
A comfortable but chic dress that can take you from daytime to evening. The stretch lace and knit body of the dress makes it perfect for travel.
This uptown dress is form flattering. The peplum sides accentuate every figure; shown here in a grey stretch menswear fabric with black accents.

This light, airy spring dress is a bright sheer chiffon over satin. The ruffles, bows and tiny polka dots add a fun feminine detail; would also look great in a sheer floral.

The draped top and fitted skirt are the perfect combination to show off your waistline. The thin leather flowered belt is the perfect accent.
This elegant sheath combines classic design with a touch of feminine lace detail in exactly the right spots; at the waist, the back cutout, and the alluring rear kick pleat.

This flirty version of the dress above, is perfect in a light, drapey chiffon floral. 

This vintage dress is reminiscent of 1940's fun; cute polka dots paired with a solid skirt is a crowd pleaser. 
The tuck pleats in the bodice of this little number make it one of a kind. A light broadcloth fabric is the perfect weight for the season.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A post to catch up on a few hundred things

First off, in Dec Lil ate her first real bite of food and by food I mean that gross rice cereal (poor lily) now we put stuff like mango's and sweet potato's with it and I think she likes it much more! 

 she likes to grab the spoon and do it herself (stubborn, like her mom much?)

Next, in December we decided to go to Festival of Trees, I thought it went the whole month of Dec. but it turns out it only went for that weekend so it was PACKED, still fun none the less. There was every type of tree/wreath/gingerbread house imaginable (Harry potter, Coca cola, shoe, twilight, peace sign etc.) . Lily was loving looking at everything. We even ran into one of my old friends, Kim from hawaii, it was SO great to see her!!
 scrabble tree 
 candy cane tree 

 peace sign tree, which i LOVED!

 coke tree 
 festival of trees isn't complete without a guy in a kilt 
 pink tree 
 Harry Potter tree (I knew Andrew would especially appreciate this one)
 Pink/Shoe Tree (this tree reminded me of my best friend jess, she would just love to have a tree like this)
 Funny Story: When we first got to Festival of Trees we took Lil out of her seat and low and behold a BLOWOUT had taken place and of course she had THE cutest outfit on and now it was ruined... we did have an extra outfit but unfort. we forgot a coat and socks at home so this is what we came up with to keep miss Lily warm, ah the things we learn... NEVER not ONCE forget all the pieces to an outfit because most likely something will happen to the first one and the cuter it is the more likely it is to get ruined, FACT (take note)!

 I couldn't believe how tall this guy was, his legs were taller then me (which doesn't say too much I guess)

My little fam, I just love them!

We decided to start switching off nights for din din, Dan makes Dinner Monday nights, I make dinner Tuesday, Andrew makes dinner Wednesday and I make dinner Thursday. It has been so great to have the extra help with dinner. Especially since on the days I work I don't have to cook.  We had an EPIC sandwich night which I felt needed to be recorded, here it is! 

Sandwich Night a SUCCESS! 

Dec. 18th our Anniversary rolled around, I can't believe it's been over a year since we got married, time flies! We decided to rent some Cross Country Ski's and head up Diamond Fork Canyon. It was a perfect day, it had dumped snowed a few days before and it was gorgeous out. It was my first time going and I had a blast! I did however end up with some less then awesome bruises (one of which on my tail bone lasted for about a month or so) After we went skiing we mustered up what energy we had left and went to dinner at the Market Street Grill, so DELISH ( I'm so sad I didn't get a pic of us all dolled up for din) 

Next up is Andrews Birthday (a little out of order because his bday is actually Dec. 8th). We decided to do a yummy roast and had lots of great fam and friends over.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting 

These are a few things Lily loves to do right now...

  sit up by herself, she gets so excited when she's doing it that she falls over... 
 smiling for the camera...
 crossing her legs (what a polite daughter I have)...

 sitting up in her swing at the very edge (so she can rock it herself of course!)...
 playing with Uncle Andrew... 
 sticking her tongue out (she got that from her mom)...
 holding her own bottle... 
 sitting up in her stroller all by herself and going for walks... 

  her bouncer that Grandma & Grandpa Light gave her... 

and spinning the bowl we have under the coffee table
 with her feet.

 These are the most up to date pics of Lil (2/1/11)